by Busy Bee

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All of these songs are demo versions of the songs I wrote and recorded while on a month-long artist residency at the Burren College of Art in the west of Ireland.


released June 14, 2017



all rights reserved


Busy Bee Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Deb Gilmore's solo music, anything under the sun in terms of style.

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Track Name: Leaving Home
I'm leaving all I had before I left
Discovering new ways to find insects
I didn't see my loss in energy
As an excuse for suffering

This castle is to small for my intentions
I needed to break free from this suspension
Ropes around my ankles tied so tight
Whistling with wind like a kite

And I I hear
The singing of birds
And I hear
A lot of new words

You could have walked me through unknown lands
With my eyes closed and just an outstretched hand
The dirt beneath my fingernails could wash
Away with the soft way you talk
Track Name: Arrival
It's a little old town
And my
There's a little old ghost
And it's shy
And I can see
I'm not the woman that I used to be
And I can see
I'm not the woman that I used to be

Ya da da da

So I took a wrong turn
For mile
I walked a long an old road
For awhile
Until dark
And i couldn't see very far
Until dark
And i couldn't see very far

And maybe I'm wrong
And maybe I'm wrong
But I think I see light
If I just take a right
I can see the stars
Suddenly I am not falling apart
Track Name: Galway Girl
I settled down in the middle of May
Ay eye ay eye
Took many years for me to find my way
Ay eye ay eye
Come along little jack gave me a quite heart attack
Aways talkin smack will you break my mothers back
Never knew when to go
Never knew where to go

I settled down near a little valley
Ay eye ay eye
Just close enough to the rocks on the bay
Ay eye ay eye
All I know is that I'm never going back again
Put my foot up on these rocks and I am locked in
Never knew when to go
Never knew where to go

All I know
All I I'll ever know
Is I lost my heart to a Galway girl

Looked out my window I'm struggling to find
Ay eye ay eye
Ay eye ay eye
The path that lead me here, it's so far behind
Ay eye ay eye
Ay eye ay eye
Little Galway girl will you give me all your heart
I am staying here and hoping we can both make art
Never knew when to go
Never knew where to go
Track Name: Upon seeing calves
I drink my mothers milk
Too give me energy
To keep from being ill
To give me levity

I told you when I was young
She lead me into
The forest on my own
Middle of winter
And when I broke down
She picked me up again
I know you saved one time
But mother saved me ten

Still I'm holding
Onto what I had
She told me she's done what she's meant for
You're on your own your own your own
You're own your own you're on your own
Mother knows best

Well she nursed me back to health
When i didn't have strength
And showed me how to push
Through the pain

Oh won't you take me home
Back into the field
And show me where I'm from
Show me what you built
Track Name: Exploring
Slowly she walked on the wall
until she was but a speck of dust
I'm hoping that she'll be forgiven someday
for she jumped