Down the Rabbit Hole - Single

by Busy Bee

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This song was written and recorded in the west of Ireland as the final piece of a 20 song album. It is the culmination of all of the other songs, the experience in general, and the embodiment of my personal struggle with slowing down and taking the time to write and refine my work.


released June 15, 2017



all rights reserved


Busy Bee Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Deb Gilmore's solo music, anything under the sun in terms of style.


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Track Name: Down the Rabbit Hole
Underneath the chestnut tree
I heard a whisper down below
It dragged me by my wrists
And pulled me right into a rabbit hole
It swaddled me in fresh transparent wings
Tacked on with spirit gum
And sewed them to my shoulder blades
To keep them permanently on
Is this a dream?
Did I make this up?
I mentally feel melted like sugar in a coffee cup

Fear smashed me
Locking my skin upon my bones
With such force that i felt stiff
Compressing my fists
Until my fingernails split my skin
And I heard her voice within
My decorated ears
And smelled her scent through my
Decorated nose
And she proceeded to fill my insides
With dust

She Thinly coated my lungs
Until I exhaled sparkle
Until I exhaled sparkle
Darker than the part of space
We cannot see
And she told me
She was changing me
But I'm already changed enough
And I don't need these sparkled lungs

I'm scared to run
And I'm scared to stay
Show mercy
Dear fairy,
Show mercy on Me

All around the hawthorn tree
I hear the buzzing of their wings
Fluttering and spitting dew
Preparing to destroy the fool
Who dared to chop that lonely tree
Inside the ring of stones
And now he'll face a fate thats worse
Than suffering alone

My mind is full
And vision blurred
I'm tacked on the back of
Another girl's road
Because I'm too scared to know
My own

Be gentle
With your release
Though I won't be Whole
Please keep the important parts of my
Body, mind, and soul

Be gentle
With your release
Though I won't be Whole
Please keep the important parts of my
Body, mind, and soul